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Beth Colpean

Beth Colpean (2021)


What are your most important educational and musical moments?
I have a close relationship with my students and am particularly proud of the impact I had on one student who I failed. She changed her major to business but eventually came back to the harp. At her senior recital, her father told me that the best thing that ever happened to his daughter was that I failed her!

I loved playing in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. An extremely rewarding professional highlight is the time I played as part of a trio at a small dinner reception fundraiser for the Grand Rapids Symphony.  One of the movements we played required a pedal change every half second…280 pedal changes in all. I helped to raise $20 million dollars in that one night! 

Why did you choose music?
As I got older and thought about a career, I realized that I wanted one that would provide a good balance between being a “stay at home” mom and a musical professional. 

Why did you choose your instrument?
My mother had a professional career as a harpist, both teaching and playing internationally, so I grew up with the harp in my home. I started playing the piano when I was 3 years old and didn’t actually “take to the harp” until I was sixteen. 

What are you currently doing?
I am in my 22nd season of playing with the Grand Rapids Symphony. I also teach at Calvin University and give private lessons.

Tell us about your family.
My husband and I have been married for 17 years. We have three very athletic daughters ages 12, 15, and 16.

Any non-musical interests or hobbies?
I love digging in the dirt and particularly enjoy tackling various landscaping projects. I also enjoy refurbishing furniture, cooking, and reading.

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