Baroque On Beaver

Classical music on island time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your COVID-19 safety protocols?

A: See above

Q: When is the festival generally held?
A: Last weekend of July through the first weekend of August

Q: Who can attend?
A: All ages

Q: What measures will you take to keep audiences safe for your outdoor performances?

Q: What are your policies for outdoor performances in case of inclement weather?
A: All outdoor events affected by weather will be presented at the BI Community School.

Q: How can I make an additional gift to Baroque on Beaver?​​​​​​​
A: You can make a donation here. (Donation link/button)

Q: Can I view/listen to previous festivals?
A: Visit our archives here. (Archive link)

Q: How many venues do you have?
A: Four Indoor: BI Community Center, BI Community School, CMU Biological Center, Holy Cross Church

Two Outdoor: Whiskey Point Lighthouse, BI Studio & Gallery

Q: What happens if I’m late/miss a show?
A: Latecomers will be seated at an appropriate break in the program or at intermission

Q: How much do tickets cost?
A: Gala Weekend $75 Friday and $60 Saturday
CMU – $15
Holy Cross $15 / $10
BI School TH – $15 / $10 / freewill
BI School FR/SA – $20 / $15 / freewill
Whiskey Point – freewill
BI Studio – freewill

Q: Can I bring children to the festival?
A: Yes

Q: What is your policy on photos/videos?
A: Strictly forbidden due to copyright and intellectual property laws

Q: What is the dress code at Baroque on Beaver?
A: Island casual

Q: How early should I make arrangements for housing?
A: As early as possible

Q: Can I get around without a car?
A: Yes

Q: How easy is it to bike around the island?
A: Easy

Q: Can I rent cars or bikes?
A: Yes

Q: Is the whole week Baroque music?
A: No

Q: Where do all the musicians stay while on the island?
A: Either at Brothers’ Place or in private homes

Q: How do I get to Beaver Island and what can I do on Beaver Island?
Beaver Island Boat Company
888-446-4095 or

Fresh Air Aviation
888-359-7448 or
Island Airways:
800-524-6895 or

Beaver Island Marina
231-448-2300 or
Beaver Island Municipal Marina
231-448-2252 or

Hotels, Motels, and B&Bs
Homes and Condos

Beaver Island Restaurants

Highlights from the Beaver Island Community Calendar
View the full community calendar.

Q: What if I need additional information?
A: Contact us in the box below.


*COVID-19 Information – Baroque on Beaver will adhere to all federal (CDC), state (MDHHS), and local health guidelines for its production and presentation.  Our primary concern is the health and safety of our performers, audience, and the Beaver Island community.


All Baroque on Beaver activities are subject to applicable laws and regulations.  Increased reasonable precautions or safeguards may be implemented by Baroque or its partner venues at any time.

Attendance at live events may present risk.  Personal health is the sole responsibility of each attendee. Baroque urges anyone who attends its live events to consider any relevant personal concerns along with regulations which may pertain to each person’s health and well-being.

Programs and schedule are subject to change.

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