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About Baroque

Each summer from the last weekend of July through the first weekend of August, the Baroque on Beaver Festival presents world-class orchestral, chamber, and vocal performances on the most remote inhabited island of the Great Lakes. In 2023 the Festival celebrates 22 years of bringing classical music to Beaver Island. Baroque on Beaver is the signature event of the Beaver Island Performing Arts Alliance (BIPAA).

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Ensembles of the Baroque on Beaver Festival

The Festival Orchestra
The centerpiece of the festival is composed of professional performers from Michigan (Grand Rapids Symphony, Michigan Opera Theatre, Ann Arbor Symphony, West Michigan Symphony, Midland Symphony, Traverse Symphony), the Great Lakes region (Indianapolis Symphony, South Bend Symphony, Fort Wayne Philharmonic), the United States, and worldwide.

The Festival Chorus
Singers from Michigan and beyond join to create the Festival Chorus, which features its own concert and appears with the Baroque on Beaver Festival Orchestra to perform major works for chorus and orchestra.

Chamber ensembles feature prominently throughout the week at Baroque on Beaver, with performances by string quartets, woodwind quintets, brass quintet, and other mixed ensembles.

Festival Orchestra 2023

Robert Nordling (2010)
Music Director and Principal Conductor
Sponsored by Paul & Anne Glendon

First Violin
James Crawford (2017), Concertmaster
Sponsored by Dan & Barbara Yenglin

David Reimer (2013), Assistant Concertmaster 
Adam Liebert (2016)
Connie Markwick (2010)

Second Violin
Jenna Buchner (2015), Principal
Sponsored by Sharon & Louis Nemser

Abderrahman Anzaldua (2013)
Kimia Ghaderi (2021)
Marla Smith (2011)

Michael Hall (2014), Principal
Sponsored by Robert and Lois Nordling Sr.
Dilek Engin-Stolarchuk (2014)
Kim Teachout (2018)
Samuel Koeppe (2023)
Sponsored by Nadra & Narhyn Johnson

Andrea Yun (2013), Principal
Sponsored by Nadra & Narhyn Johnson
Andrew Plaisier (2021)
Damon Coleman (2023)
Zachary Boyt (2011)

Mark Buchner (2015), Principal
Sponsored by Blarney Castle Oil

Robert Johnson (2017)

Leslie Deppe (2009), Principal
Sponsored by Fresh Air Aviation

Laura Schipper (2011)

Jennet Ingle (2020), Principal
Sponsored by Taffy Raphael & Jim Gavelek

Aaron Wilbert (2022)

Andrew Sprung (2018), Principal
Sponsored by Emily Ruddell

Steve Landane (2009)

Lauren D. Murphy (2023), Co-Principal
Sponsored by Patrick Voight & Joe Keenan

Mark Ortwein (2019), Co-Principal
Sponsored by Sally & Myles Rehkopf

Deanna Erwin (2013)

Kurt Civilette (2015), Principal
Sponsored by Rebecca & Ward Bentley

Lisa Honeycutt (2005)

Pamela Smitter (2021), Principal
Sponsored by Beaver Island Boat Company

Matt Taton (2015)

Joseph Radtke (2012), Principal
Sponsored by Louis Post

Jerry Young (2021), Principal
Sponsored by Bev & Larry Seiford

Dorothy Vogel (2018), Principal
Sponsored by Sharon & Louis Nemser

Timothy Mocny (2011), Principal
Sponsored by Allen & Cynthia Hunting, Jr.

Beth Wooster Colpean (2021)
Sponsored by Daryl & Ella Mae Smith

Festival Chorus 2023

Kevin Simons (2007), Choral Director
Sponsored by Myles & Sally Rehkopf

Sarah Todd (2016), Accompanist
Sponsored by Emily Ruddell


Barb Almli (2011)
Peter Amster (2006)
Wendy Biggs (2022)
Thaddaeus Bourne (2019), section leader 
Sponsored by Jim Luteyn

Karen Cook (2019), section leader 
Sponsored by Taffy Raphael & Jim Gavelek  
Matthew Cook (2021), section leader
Sponsored by Don & Diana Taylor
Peg Curley (2018)
Annette Dashiell (2002)
Maureen Delaney-Lehman (2014)
Iris Dimase Nordling (2019)                   
Jeanne Howell (2002) 
Claire Ingersoll (2022)
John Jansson (2019)
Geoff Kelm (2023)
Tammey Kikta (2010)  
Lisa Mays (2016)
Madalyn McHugh (2022)                             

Erika Lawson-Morrison (2019), section leader
Sponsored by Mike Kamrin & Katie See
Steven Naylor (2018)
Louis Nemser (2019)
Lindsey O’Donnell (2022)
Jeanne Petersen (2014)
Michael Skutt (2023)
Don Taylor (2009)
Pierce Tyndall (2021)
Erin Whitfield (2023)
Tiffany Wika (2018)

Choral Interns
Hannah Berberoglu (2023)
Angel Langford (2023)
Clayton Stoker (2023)
Sponsored by Don and Diana Taylor and a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation

Chamber Ensembles 2023

Beaver Island String Quartet

James Crawford, violin
Jenna Buchner, violin
Michael Hall, viola
Andrea Yun, cello

Beaver Island Brass Quintet

Pamela Smitter, trumpet
Matt Taton, trumpet
Lisa Honeycutt, horn
Joe Radtke, trombone
Jerry Young, tuba

Emerald Isle Woodwind Quintet

Leslie Deppe, flute
Jennet Ingle, oboe
Andrew Sprung, clarinet
Kurt Civilette, horn
Mark Ortwein, bassoon

Donegal Bay Woodwind Quintet

Laura Schipper, flute
Aaron Wilbert, oboe
Steve Landane, clarinet
Lisa Honeycutt, horn
Deanna Erwin, bassoon

Festival Staff

Matthew Thomas

Music Director and Principal Conductor
Robert Nordling

Choral Director
Kevin Simons

Operations Director
John Van Patten

Jason Tisdale

Audio Engineer
Jean-Yves Münch

Music Librarian
Laura Schipper

Piano Technician
William Schneider

Volunteers 2023

Chris Allen
Linda Allen
Connie Blackwell
Tom Bobovski
Jan Boytan
Annette Dashiell
Donna Fase
Dede Fitch
Jeanne Gullahorn

Bill Freeman
Janice Freeman
Lynne Flanagan
Anne Glendon
Jeanne Gullahorn
Chris Heikka
Sharon Henry-Warren
Doris Larson
Lars Larson

Thea McKiernan
Jan McKnight
Mary Ellen Mauro
Domenica Moroney
Alec Murray
Lucy Niehaus
Jan Paul
Marijean Pike

Adam Richardson
David Robinson
Esther Stewart
Keven Stipp
Lois Stipp
Sue Screven
Linda Wearn
Karen Whitecraft
Audrey Van Dyke

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