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Andrea Yun

Andrea Yun (2013)

Principal Cello

Andrea Yun is a performer and teacher who believes in the power of a child’s autonomy. She is acting principal of the Detroit Opera; principal cellist of the Baroque on Beaver Island orchestra; and a member of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. Andrea is one of 40 Suzuki cello teacher trainers in the Americas and is on Paul Katz’s CelloBello teacher training team. Andrea designed and created this extensive teacher training and student cello website.

Andrea has held teaching positions at the University of Michigan, University of Texas at San Antonio, Bowling Green State University, Ann Arbor Pioneer High School, and Okemos Chippewa Middle School. Andrea holds a dual bachelor’s degree in music education and mathematics, as well as a master’s in cello performance from Indiana University. She earned her doctorate in cello performance and pedagogy from the University of Michigan. Andrea was awarded the 2020 Teacher of the Year award by the Michigan chapter of the American String Teachers Association.

Andrea lives in Ann Arbor, MI, where she homeschools her daughter. She is an avid swing dancer and park roller skater.

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