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About Our Performers

The festival is composed of instrumental and vocal professional performers from Michigan (Grand Rapids Symphony, Michigan Opera Theatre, Ann Arbor Symphony, West Michigan Symphony, Midland Symphony, Traverse Symphony), the Great Lakes region (Indianapolis Symphony, South Bend Symphony, Fort Wayne Philharmonic), the United States, and worldwide.

Chamber Ensembles feature prominently throughout the week at Baroque on Beaver, with performances by string quartets, woodwind quintets, brass quintet, with vocal and other mixed ensembles.

Musician Roster 2024

Chamber Ensembles 2024

Beaver Island String Quartet

James Crawford, violin
Jenna Buchner, violin
Michael Hall, viola
Andrea Yun, cello

Metallurgy Brass Quintet

David Koch, trumpet
Matt Taton, trumpet
Mary Beth Orr, horn
Joe Radtke, trombone
Kevin LaRose, tuba

Emerald Winds

Leslie Deppe, flute
Jennet Ingle, oboe
Andrew Sprung, clarinet
Kurt Civilette, horn
Mark Ortwein, bassoon

Donegal Bay Woodwind Quintet

Laura Schipper, flute
Aaron Wilbert, oboe
Steve Landane, clarinet
Kurt Civilette, horn
Deanna Erwin, bassoon

Baroque Vocal Quartet

Thaddaeus Bourne
Karen Cook
Matthew Cook
Erika Lawson-Morrison

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