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Connie Markwick (2010)

First Violin

What are your most important educational and musical moments?
I love playing with other musicians.  I learn more by playing live performances with others more than anything else.  The camaraderie and heightened level of awareness that comes with performance is always exhilarating.  You learn a lot when you hear and adapt to how other musicians interpret and play music. 

Tell us about your family.
My husband, Jeffrey (a trumpet and triangle player), have three children (two daughters and one son), and three grandchildren (also two girls and one boy).  One of my daughters inherited the music bug and plays the double bass.  

Why did you choose music?
I came from a family of artists, inventors, lawyers, and musicians.  I attended Northern Michigan University and moved to Marquette, Michigan, to become either a forest ranger or musician.  Ultimately, music won and I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Music Performance.  

Why did you choose your instrument?
One grandfather was an attorney but played the violin his whole life and collected violins.  My Great-grandfather was an inventor, and he actually made a violin that I played as a student.  Both grandfathers were clearly influential with my decision to play the violin.  However, I also play the viola.  It is a more physically demanding instrument than the violin, requiring you to read music in the alto clef as well.  I am fortunate to be able to play both instruments.

What else are you currently doing?
I have been involved in the Adventures in Chamber Music Camp, a summer day camp for young string players, for approximately 20 years with my great pal Marla Smith, who also a member of the Baroque on Beaver Festival Orchestra.  Additionally, I freelance in the Detroit area, and am a music clinician for local high schools. 

Any non-musical interests or hobbies?
I enjoy camping, road tripping to visit national parks (which has become an annual thing), knitting, cooking, and spending time with my grandchildren.  I am also looking forward to using a 1952 Chambers gas range that’s currently being restored, and it will involve another adventure to New Jersey to pick it up! 

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