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Dorothy Vogel

Dorothy Vogel (2018)

Principal Keyboard

What are your most important educational and musical moments?
I had a professor at Oberlin College that demystified what you do at the keyboard. I was fascinated by the way her students played and in awe of her abilities to bring out the very best in them. She taught in an “organic way” by having me put my hands on hers to feel her positioning and the fluidity of her movements. She was full of knowledge, nurturing, and inspiring.  I try to emulate what I learned from her in every aspect of my teaching and playing. 

Why did you choose music?
Music chose ME! I don’t remember not having music in my life and there’s nothing else I ever wanted to do. From a young age, I took advantage of every opportunity I could find to “BE” with music. It’s who I am!

Why did you choose your instrument?
A middle school teacher saw my musical potential as a beginning flute player and convinced my parents to support my becoming a part of her flute studio.  While I enjoyed the flute, we had a piano in the house, and I was always fascinated by how it worked. My mother played simple songs and my father loved to do square dance pieces. The piano eventually won my heart and I never looked back. 

What are you currently doing?
I play with the Traverse Symphony Orchestra and accompany two choirs at Northwestern Michigan College, where I also teach music theory (sight singing and ear training.) I’m currently having a blast doing musical theatre work with the Leland Public Schools. 

Tell us about your family.
I have been married to my husband, Scott, for 26 years. I am the youngest of six in a very close family. Most of my siblings are in the science and technical world; I’m the only one in the professional music world. My dad is 95 and completely self-sufficient in his country farmhouse.

Any non-musical interests or hobbies?
I am a big reader and love reading crime fiction stories by Swedish and Norwegian authors. I ALWAYS have a novel going.

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