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Kim Teachout (2018)


What are your most important educational and musical moments?
My learned lessons in adaptability – I have traveled all over, playing a concert at a zoo in Washington state and was joined on-stage by a trumpeting peacock during the 1812 Overture! 

Tell us about your family.
My sister has a degree in piano (I’m not the only musician), dad writes amazing poetry, mom had a stained-glass lamp business, and husband plays guitar in an old-school honky-tonk restaurant/bar. 

Why did you choose music?
I started playing very young on piano, then moved to violin and viola, and loved playing with groups and solo.  I thought about a career first in physical therapy and forensic pathology, but then a teacher told me I was good enough for a music career.

Why did you choose your instrument?
At age 7 I saw a live presentation on strings, and singled out the viola rather than the violin sound or the more expensive cello!

What are you currently doing?
I am teaching a lot now (part-time for TC public schools and at college level).  I also have a private studio for students.  I worked on doctorate at Arizona State, but didn’t do the dissertation.  Also, I play in the Traverse Symphony, Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra, and with an all-viola quartet. 

Any non-musical interests or hobbies?
When I have time, I love to travel (lived in Europe for 3 years, with summers off to travel), practice yoga (5 days a week), hike, and paddle-board.

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