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Zack Boyt (2011)


What are your most important educational and musical moments?
Probably one of the most influential educational experiences in my life has been learning a programming language. It will change the way you view the world. I highly encourage it! 

Tell us about your family.
My sister has two kids now and I came to the realization the other day that I’m the weird uncle that moved across the country and brings strange gifts and says strange things. 

Why did you choose music?
From a young age, I always had an innate sympathetic response to music and sound, and I was very fortunate to have parents who were very supportive in helping cultivate this interest. I think what has been most influential in continuing this pursuit as a career has been my relationships with people on a similar path. Musicians and artists form the most creative and interesting communities, and the doors we all open for each other lead to the most rewarding experiences.

Why did you choose your instrument?
I distinctly remember in elementary school, 5th grade, there was an “instrument petting zoo” day for everyone to try out all the instruments and decide what we wanted to start playing the following year. I tried all the instruments from the different families, but there was no competition, only one felt right. We were told to write down a list of our top three choices in order of preference. I wrote down cello, cello, and cello.

What are you currently doing?
I have a DMA in music performance of data-driven instruments at the University of Oregon where I also teach and tutor courses in computer music, art and technology, and data sonification. I am a production coordinator and live sound engineer for a couple of organizations in Eugene, Oregon. I am also the technical director and co-founder of Ramificaciones, an experimental music and multimedia festival based in Zacatecas, Mexico. 

Any non-musical interests or hobbies?
I am always looking for the next adventure!  Pinball, camping, biking, and generally exploring new places.

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