Baroque On Beaver

Classical music on island time.

BIPAA (Beaver Island Performing Arts Alliance)

We are pleased to announce that as of January 2022, the organizational title of BICAA (Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association) has changed to BIPAA (Beaver Island Performing Arts Alliance). Our mission statement has been updated to reflect the new direction and focus of our activities:

“The Beaver Island Performing Arts Alliance produces the Baroque on Beaver Festival and
promotes the performing arts with its partners to enrich the greater Beaver Island community.”

Beyond our signature annual event, the Baroque on Beaver Festival, the BIPAA will strive to engage with the BI community broadly and in multiple types of artistic presentations with both summer-season and year-round arts programming.

BIPAA logo

Beaver Island Performing Arts Alliance 

Executive Director
Matthew Thomas

Board of Directors
Sally Rehkopf, Chair
Peter Amster, Vice Chair
Anita Mauro, Treasurer
Terry Hodges, Secretary
Sharon Feiman-Nemser
Tamara McDonough, Chair Emerita
Louis Post
Taffy Raphael
Emily Ruddell
Bill Schneider
Bev Seiford
Lois Stipp 

Ex Officio
Anne Glendon, Advisor
Roberta Welke, Island Agent

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